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Confitures de Raphaël


A family story

The ephemeral taste of our fruits coupled with sugar gives birth to eternal flavors that we safeguard under a cover of glass.
“Every flavor is a story and every story has a secret.” 

“Colors, scents, flavors: plainly confiture.” ou “Colors, scents, flavors: confiture, naturally.”
True to our principles, we cook our jam in copper basins according to an original frabrication process. The smoothness of the textures, the purity of the tastes and the subtlety of the mixes are addressed to a refined and a tasteful clientèle.

Warning to our consumers :

We want to thank most deeply all our consumers for their faithful commitment. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we cannot satisfy orders coming from private individuals. Moreover, we do not sell anything in direct line. For these types of request, please contact one of our retailers
Workshop contact for retailers.

Sugar free :

In order to make our sugar free jam, we use Maltitol ?
Maltitol is a sugar substitute derived from malt, which taste comes close to the one of regular sugar. Moreover, it has got three major advantages: it is poor glycemic and calorific wise, and it minimizes risks of tooth decay.

  The whole story starts when Raphaël decides to move back to his home-region of Saint Malo, by his grand-parents’. He first starts working in organic food plantations. (But) Then, on a winter night, he gets initiated to jam making by means of a fortunate meeting. The intercourse of fruits and sugar and the alchemy that takes place while cooking are fascinating. It is most definately settled: Raphaël puts an end to his hard field labor and chooses instead to enter the warm and sweet atmosphere of a kitchen that would soon turn into a little jam factory.
In his everyday life, Raphaël has got a big asset – that is, his smile – and a little handicap: he is partly deaf. Thanks to both, the people of Saint Malo quickly show great solidarity towards him. A good advise, a forgotten recipe, a wonderful grandmother and a little secret: thus were born the first pots of confiture in the small family kitchen.
To everyone’s surprise, the first set of jam tastes delicious. It still has kept both the savor and the freshness of the original fruit. All of a sudden, grandma’s kitchen becomes the theatre of new experiments intended to refine the technique of fabrication, thus shortening the cooking time and making it possible to safeguard the whole quality of the fruit. The pretty labels designed by Raphaël’s aunt charm the costumers. The touching image of the grand kid and his grandmother even ends up crossing the French border; jam is flown away to the United States.
In 2005, the adventure takes on a new dimension. Graduated from college and seduced by the magic of Raphaël’s undertaking, his younger brother, Cédric, decides to join this beautiful project. Together, the two brothers choose to settle their new production workshop in Saint Coulomb – between Cancale and Saint Malo, France.
Even though the place of fabrication has changed, the fabrication process still stays true to its origin: fruits chosen among the best varieties, beautiful copper basin, a very short cooking time, and a certain knack insure a production of great quality.

                                                                   Raphaël               et              Cédric
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